Faciotech is an ultimate and reliable IT company located in Bolgatanga, Ghana. We are a composite IT firm offering a wide range of IT products and services to the Ghanaian market. Seeing the vast importance of technology in everyday life, we aim to drive social change through technological innovation.

In light of this, our team of dedicated and experienced researchers invest time into extensive research to enable us to carve out practical and innovative IT solutions that encourage IT literacy, social interaction, social awareness and leads to the creation of other innovations that best solve societal challenges.

We have created various avenues in pursuit of this cause with the single purpose of encouraging societal progress and impact through technology. Our technical support and training program, for instance, is aimed at providing both formal and informal avenues for IT training. These training are open to students, institution, farmers, NGOs who want to leverage technology to make more significant impacts. We also have a structured training system available for people to acquire IT knowledge and graduate with a certificate.

We also provide IT literacy to farmers as well as services that make farming easy and productive. Our agricultural drone service, for instance, is aimed at making it easy for farmers to survey their lands, monitor crops, irrigate them and to control pest.

We have also introduced technology into the real estate industry to bridge the gap between property owners and buyers. Our online platform, therealtyfinder.com, is an innovative tool to help developers get adequate data on demand for home seekers and to serve as a source of data for property appraisers doing a comparative analysis.

We also aim to drive social interactions that result in the creation of networks and viable solutions for individuals and business people Not only that, we have various platforms that are targeted at helping young businesses grow. Our Business Connect Initiative is one of such platforms as well as our crowdfunding website which is aimed at providing a space where business owners can share their stories and appeal for funds for their business.

Our goal is also to use our platforms to create awareness of SDG goals and empower young individuals and entrepreneurs to make a greater impact, become employers of labour and help alleviate poverty and solve other societal issues.

Through all this, Faciotech targets to create change socially and economically through IT literacy advancement, research and the creation of online platforms and other innovations that solve dire needs in various areas of the nation.

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