Solving brand visibility problems and accelerating efficiency through technological innovation is crucial in today’s world. This has been the pursuit of Facio Innovation Technology (Faciotechgh) these five years. Celebrating their 5th anniversary on 8th October 2020, the company reflected on how their pursuit of this vision has not only helped businesses but various individuals and communities.­­­

The company has hosted 700+ websites and applications with clients from Ghana, the UK, the US, Poland, Nigeria, Canada, etc. Speaking on the company’s philosophy, the Executive Director noted that their work does not end after building or hosting websites or applications; they support clients through their growth. They observe the needs of every business they work with and suggest new marketing ideas and solutions to the client.

The company also prides itself as the first web hosting company in Ghana to go green. This initiative aims to fight climate change whiles helping businesses grow. The Green host package was launched in light of this, where­­ 20% of the subscription proceeds go into the planting of trees to fight against climate change.

Again, the Faciotechgh Foundation, an initiative to encourage societal progress and impact through technology, provides IT training to students, Institutions, farmers, and NGOs was launched in 2019. It also aims to create an avenue where business people can network, interact, and partner for success. Again, the foundation seeks to use technology to help create awareness of the SGDs and use technology in the agricultural sector to reduce poverty, hunger, and other economic issues.

With such growth and impact over five years, the future can only be bright for this Startup. Talking about what the future holds, the Executive Director, Urbanus W. Azupogo, outlined their plans. The Startup plans to expand and introduce new services to the Ghana market in the next five years. Again, their passion for seeing young people get equipped with IT skills has informed the need to establish a data center in the northern part of Ghana in the next 5 to 10 years.

In celebrating its 5th anniversary, the company is very optimistic and wishes to create more viable opportunities for businesses, individuals, and nations as a whole.

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