Greetings from Facio Innovations Technology. 

Over the years, the growing implications of climate change have brought it to the center stage of development programs in most nations. Modern technology provides a better opportunity for people to live easily and conveniently. However, it contributes significantly to global warming.

The implications of climate on the environment are getting severe hence must be checked. Efforts are being made by governments and various stakeholders to develop strategies that will mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Among these strategies is Afforestation. This is where efforts are made to replace the forest cover by planting trees in barren lands and reserved areas. We recognize the contribution of this strategy in mitigating the effects of climate change on the environment.

We wish to announce the launch of our Green Host Package (shared hosting) and Initiative which seeks to contribute to the efforts that are being implemented by various developmental stakeholders. Through this package, we seek to fight climate change whilst helping your business to grow!

This is an affordable and fast hosting that plant trees. For every hosting package signed up, GHS 20.00 goes to support Planting of trees to offset the average website carbon footprints. We believe the fight against climate change is one that we must all contribute to protecting our environment.

After attaining our first client, Miyoung Naturals, we are happy to announce the Green Host Initiative and hosting launched. 

We hope that these little efforts would stir other companies to support the cause of protecting our environment.

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